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In late 2004, Kristoffer Øyen recorded a song that was intended to be on his soloalbum whenever he had the time and effort to make it. At this time the album and the thought of a full band playing his music live was nothing but a faint dream. But as the years went by, he recorded a lot of ideas and themes and finally in the spring of 2006 he had enough material to sit down and mix it all together and record an entire album consistent of his own material. He has always played several instruments and decided that he would write and record all of the instruments himself because this is what he has been doing all these years. Throughout his whole life he has been interested in music, and has played in alot of garage bands. The main influence in his music is the melodic epic metal scene with lots of classical arrangements on top. This makes a unique mix and is the kind of music which will be found on the debut album, “The Leap of Pain”.

As the years went on the members changed and finally in the fall of 2009 the line-up was complete. After Eternity was a full band! They decided to record everything again with everyone playing their own instruments and take the band away from solo-projectstatus.

The members are:
Vocals:         Erik Salminen
Guitar:         Petter Fagerli
Keyboards:    Espen Storø
Bass:             Olav Dale
Drums:         Kristoffer Øyen

Kristoffer is thrilled to have all of these extremely talented musicians with him on stage and are sure that this gang will truly make a great show on the road! See you there!

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